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    DLBC Young Adults Fundraising

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    Aiming to raise $100,000

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Why Become A Sponsor?

The purpose of this initiative is to instill the importance of giving and demonstrate the value of investing in the vehicles that help spur spiritual growth. At the core, this initiative hopes to bring to light the importance of giving to the work of God beyond the usual tithes. For the DLBC Young Adults Ministry, this initiative will provide the means of doing more to grow the kingdom of God and groom an increasing amount of youth and young adults to become reliable servants for the Kingdom who will serve as leaders for the next generation. Become a part of that initiative by giving to this cause. In addition, the DLBC Young Adults Ministry provides several small scholarships to college students through the Deeper Dreams Fund. Your giving can help support a young adult complete their educational goals. This can be done at several levels.

  • Become a monthly giver (at any level). You choose the amount.
  • At $100 annually, you become a Bronze giver.
  • At $200 annually, you become a Silver giver.
  • At $350 annually, you become a Gold giver.

Steps to Become an Official Sponsor

Simply click the link below to navigate to the secure giving page. You can choose any of the suggested amounts or a custom amount. You can also choose to become a monthly donor. After that, simply fill out the pertinent information sheet and you’ll be one of our much appreciated sponsors! May God bless you richly as you give.

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